Fish Illnesses to Watch Out For

Fish Illnesses to Watch Out For

If you think something is wrong with your fish, do check with a vet just in case!  But here’s a list of some common diseases amongst fish, and how to spot them in your tanks.

  1. Fish Ick – Usually spotted on fish which are stressed, caused by temperature change and pH fluctuations, Fish Ick can look like spots of sand on the skin.  These spots could be raised bumps and your fish might try scratching itself on objects to relieve irritated skin.  You might also spot your fish gasping at the surface.

2. Ragged Tail Fin – this is a deterioration of the tail and/or fins, where the fins become frayed or raggy and the colour fades.  This is normally a bacterial infection causing the tail and fin to rot, especially common in fish who have been injured by another fish nipping at them.  Also happens when there is poor water condition.

3. Fungus – you might see a grey or white growth on the skin and fins.  This often resembles cotton and can cause the fish to die if not treated.  Fish who get fungus are normally in a fairly vulnerable state as it is, perhaps as a result of other health problems or parasite attack.

4. Clamped Fin – The is where the fins fold against the body and do not fan out like they should.  Your fish might look a little sad and unhappy.  This could be down to a number of things, such as water condition or even parasites.  Best check what the specific issue is before treating!