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Cichlids and Their Care

Cichlids are a popular aquarium fish which many people keep in their tropical fish tanks.  HEre is a guide for looking after your cichlids properly. Temperature – the ideal temperature range for cichlids is between 22-28 degrees celcius.  If your aquarium is hotter than this, make sure you keep fewer fish! pH and Water HardnessRead More

Fish Illnesses to Watch Out For

If you think something is wrong with your fish, do check with a vet just in case!  But here’s a list of some common diseases amongst fish, and how to spot them in your tanks. Fish Ick – Usually spotted on fish which are stressed, caused by temperature change and pH fluctuations, Fish Ick canRead More

The Right Plants for Your Tanks

Aquarium owners should know that aquarium plants available in shops can be “true aquatic plants” or “non-aquatic plants”.  True aquatic plants can be used in aquariums and are able to be put full submerged into the water.  Non aquatic plants are better used in terraniums.  Often, these plants are labelled properly, however there can beRead More